Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ has supplied equipment for an enterprise of Russian nuclear industry

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ has supplied equipment for an enterprise of Russian nuclear industry

This year in January Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ supplied automated warehouse equipment to Zheleznogorsk Mining and Chemical Combine, specifically high-level cantilever storage racks and a stacker crane with load capacity of 1 tonne. ORMETO-YUMZ has a Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service license for its production. In connection with the beginning of nuclear fuel industrial production for Beloyarskaya nuclear power plant power unit there appeared the necessity of making a warehouse that could satisfy nuclear finished product container handling special requirements. The warehouse is intended for storage of ТК-С68 containers of БН-800 reactor.

Stationary high-level storage racks are frame structures with support points and are intended for placement and temporary storage of empty and container loaded holders. Storage rack structure enables to place up to 104 holders loaded with ТК-С68 containers.

The stacker crane is a piece of warehouse equipment and intended for transportation of holders loaded with ТК-С68 containers from a transfer car to high-level cantilever storage racks for storage, and back. Stacker crane drives provide operation of bridge, car, rotary post, and carriage lifting unit travelling mechanisms at march and positioning speeds providing high accuracy of container loaded holder positioning at necessary coordinates when transporting and placing in storage racks. Stacker crane control system provides operation in semi-automated, command and manual modes. The stacker crane is equipped with stacking, unstacking, and container loaded holders transporting remote supervision system.

Before shipment the equipment passed manufacturer's test in the presence of customer's experts. The test was conducted on a test bench with using of check loads. Test results confirmed compliance of equipment characteristics with customer's technical requirements, including provision of maintenance and repair personnel safety, mounting convenience, maintenance and repair simplicity.

JSC “Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ” successfully realizes equipment and cranes design and supply projects for metallurgy, fuel-energy complex enterprises, including heat stations, hydroplants and nuclear power plants:

- cranes for metallurgical production: overhead laddle cranes, picking, scoop, and charging cranes, overhead dogging cranes, claw cranes;

- cranes for nuclear plants;

- special cranes: overhead grab cranes, with a magnet on the main hook, stamp work's cranes, magnet grab cranes, cranes with a traverse, cranes with a rotary car etc.;

- general-purpose cranes.

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